The registrations will open on november 1st 2020 12:00 and will close on the 4th of december 2020 12:00. Competitors who are members of the KNRB will be able to register through this link. Competitors who are not a member of the KNRB will be able to register through this Form.


The registration fees can be found below. All proceeds will go to World Child Cancer Nederland.

N.B. 1: if due to circumstances regarding COVID-19 live fields are not able to take place safely and are therefore switched to submit fields, the initial registration fee will still be in effect. Of course all proceeds will still be donated to charity.

N.B. 2: Neither A.S.R. Nereus or the comittee NK Indoorroeien will earn money due to organizing the 'NKIR row for World Child Cancer NL 2020'.

N.B. 3: If you have not paid the registration fee before the date that the draw will take place you will not be taken into account regarding the draw and will therefore be unable to participate.