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International participants

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Information about the regulations and fairness

Dear NKIR participants

We have been informed that multiple veterans would rather row a 2000 meter race instead of the 1000 meter race that we had intended to organize starting from this year. We had made this decision seeing as 1000 metres is more often organized for veteran events. We are acknowledging your complaints and have decided to return the veteran events to a 2000 meter race. If you have already registered for a veteran event but do not wish to participate in a 2000 meter race you are entitled to a refund of the registration cost (if this has already been paid in full). We hope to have provided enough information in this regard.

We have also received a number of requests from ex-rowers that are no longer part of a rowing club who wish to participate in one of our events this year, but who do not wish to start in one of our open events (which are 500 meter races). These individuals will be able to purchase an e-license (as is also stated in the regulations) which allows them to race in all our other events. An additional fee of €10 will be charged on top of the registration fee when purchasing this e-license. If this is what you would like, please register via the registration form for non-rowers..
The registration will be final when payment has been made in full.

The committee NKIR 2021