The NK Indoorroeien

As the first major indoor rowing event in the world, the Dutch Indoor Rowing Championships (NKIR) have been well-known in the Dutch and international rowing community. These days, nearly 2,000 rowers compete for the Dutch title in Amsterdam's largest sports accommodation, de Sporthallen Zuid. Every year the NKIR proves to be a unique and spectacular event. Will you compete (again) this year?

What makes the NKIR special? At an indoor rowing event, great athletic performances are showcased; whether you're pulling a world-, Dutch- or personal record. Performing at such a level should be a spectacle for the rower, coach and spectator. Every year, the NKIR proves to be a unique event accompanied by spectacular audiovisual aid, sharp commentary and a wall of sound produced by hundreds of roaring rowing fans. On top of that, the NKIR has been organized by student rowers of the Netherlands most renowned student rowing club ‘Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus’ for 30 years. Altogether, this appears to be a formula for success.

Organizing an event of this magnitude requires care, time and a lot of love for the sport. We, the organizing committee, consist of 10 student rowers from the A.S.R. Nereus. Members hold their positions within the committee for 3 years. Afterwards, they are replaced by a youthful version of themselves. However, the event could never take place without the approximately 50 volunteers that strengthen our team during the race day. Furthermore, we work with Concept2 Benelux and TimeTeam, who are vital partners to us.

This year we are once again ready to organize another spectacular edition. It will be an edition like no other. Rowers from the Netherlands and beyond will be able to compete with one another in an online environment. Additionally, money and awareness will be raised for a great cause, World Child Cancer Nederland.


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