Hi there! How nice of you to want to visit the NKIR. As the first major indoor rowing event in the world, the Dutch Indoor Rowing Championships (NKIR) have been well-known in the Dutch and international rowing community. These days, nearly 2,000 rowers compete for the Dutch title in Amsterdam's largest sports accommodation, de Sporthallen Zuid. Every year the NKIR proves to be a unique and spectacular event. Will you compete (again) this year?

Spectators have been able to follow the NKIR via a livestream for the past few years next to watching the event in real life. This year you will only be able to follow the event online. Via our livestream you will be able to see participants in their own living room sweating it out!

Support together with our participants World Child Cancer NL!

Did you know that 300 000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year? With adequate care the chance of survival is 75%. But what if good care for these children is not available in the countries where they live? In countries where this is the case the chance that these children will survive can fall as low as 10%. A lot of children in these countries die without adequate pain relief too. Together with you, Concept 2, TopRow and the KNRB we are organizing the Aegon NK Indoorroeien and will raise money for World Child Cancer NL so they try to provide better care to these children.


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