Events and registration fee


Available events

Men Men Lightweight Women Women Lightweight
Seniors M (EC+NK) LM (EC+NK) W (EC+NK) LW (EC+NK)
Intermediate G (EO) LG (EO) DG (EO) LDG (EO)
Junior Under 19 J18 (NK+EO) (boys) M18 (NK+EO) (girls)
Junior Under 17 J16 (NK+EO) (boys) M16 (NK+EO) (girls)
Para rowers LTA  PR3M (EC+NK) PR3W (EC+NK)
Para rowers TA PR2M (EC) PR2W (EC)
Para rowers AS PR1M (EC) PR1W (EC)
Junior para LTA PR3jM (EO) PR3jW (EO)
Junior para TA PR2jM (EO) PR2jW (EO)
Junior para AS PR1jM (EO) PR1jW (EO)
Freshmen Eight Ej8 LEj8 DEj8
Freshmen Four Ej4 LEj4 DEj4 LDEj4
Club HCl (EO) DCl (EO)
Masters 30-39 jaar M30 (EO) LM30 (EO) W30 (EO) LW30 (EO)
Masters 40-49 jaar M40 (EO) LM40 (EO) W40 (EO) LW40 (EO)
Masters 50-54 jaar M50 (EO) LM50 (EO) W50 (EO) LW50 (EO)
Masters 55-59 jaar M55 (EO) LM55 (EO) W55 (EO) LW55 (EO)
Masters 60-64 jaar M60 (EO) LM60 (EO) W60 (EO) LW60 (EO)
Masters 65-70 jaar M65 (EO) LM65 (EO) W65 (EO) LW65 (EO)
Masters 70-74 jaar M70 (EO) LM70 (EO) W70 (EO) LW70 (EO)
Masters 75+ jaar M75 (EO) LM75 (EO) W75 (EO) LW75 (EO)
Open event HO (EO) DO (EO)

EC = European Championships

EO = Euro Open

NK = Dutch Championships

Age restrictions

  • For the events Under 23, J18 and J16 only the birth year applies. These events are open to participants born in or later than 1995, 1999 and 2001.

Explanation events

Events Specifications
Seniors Open to rowers of all ages.
Under 23 A rower may compete in the Under 23 event until December 31 of the year in which he reaches the age of 22.
Intermediate For rowers who won less than 6 times in a Senior or Under 23 event, over a distance between 1500 and 2500 meters.
Juniors A rower may compete in the Juniors Under 19 event until December 31 of the year in which he reaches the age of 18. The same rule for Juniors Under 17, for which it is the age of 16.
Para rowing Para rowing, in the categories LTA (leg, trunk, arms), TA (trunk, arms), AS (arm, shoulder).
Freshmen Open to Freshmen
Club For rowers who didn’t participate in a Senior or Under 23 event, over a distance between 1500 and 2500 meter ever before.
Masters A rower may compete in the Masters events from 30 years old. The age on the day of the race is valid.
Open event Open for indoor rowers who are not a member of a rowing association. There is no difference in weight and there are no age restrictions.
  • For registration in the Para events an (inter)national classification is required. Rowers have to send their classification documents to If you do not have an official classification, it is possible to be national classified on Friday before the event, December 8, at the K.N.R.B. federation office. Requesting a classification can be done no later than November 25, by sending all necessary documents to Please contact for more information.
  • For more information please contact

Registration fee=

KNRB-members Non-members
Elite €13 €20,50
Under 23 €13 €20,50
Intermediate  €13 €20,50
Juniors under 19 €13 €20,50
Juniors under 17 €13 €20,50
Para rowers LTA  €13 €20,50
Para rowers TA €13 €20,50
Para rowers AS €13 €20,50
Junior para LTA €13 €20,50
Junior para TA €13 €20,50
Junior para AS €13 €20,50
Eerstejaars Acht €70 €77,50
Eerstejaars Vier €44 €51,50
Club €13 €20,50
Masters 30-39 years €13 €20,50
Masters 40-49 years €13 €20,50
Masters 50-54 years €13 €20,50
Masters 55-59 years €13 €20,50
Masters 60-64 years €13 €20,50
Masters 65-70 years €13 €20,50
Masters 70-74 years €13 €20,50
Masters 75+ years €13 €20,50
Open event €20,50

Explanation: indoorrowers who are not a member of a rowing association AND rowers from abroad (not the Netherlands) pay an additional €7,50 on top of the regular registration fee.

Registration fee must be paid on the account number of the organization of the championships:


A.S.R. Nereus
Please write ‘EKIR’ and the name of your association or your own name.

Last moment to pay is December 8th 2017.