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Registrations close December 1, 2017 at 23:59.

Foreign rowers:

The following procedure is for foreign rowers from Europe that are member of a rowing association. When registrations are open, you must send an e-mail to with the following information:

– Name of rowing association
– Location (address of rowing association)
– Name contact person (person that is assigned to take care of all the registrations for the whole rowing association, note: this can only be 1 person per association!!)
– E-mail contact person
– Number of rowing matches that you won in a senior/under23 event of 1500-2500 meter

– Have you ever participated in a FISA competition, and did you win a medal?

After this, all data will be processed and the contact person will receive a link with which he or she can register the participants. In the overview of events you will find which events are available for European rowers.

Open event:

Rowers that are not a member of a rowing association can take part in the ‘open event’. This event is for Dutch and foreign participants that are not a member of a rowing association. There are 64 spots for women and 64 spots for men. There will be one winner for every event. The first 64 rowers to apply, secure a spot in the competition. So be quick with your registration!

Via this link you will get the form you have to fill in for registration. Also, you must download the match agreement, sign it and email to NOTE: participants for the open event will pay an additional 7,50 per person along with the regular administration fee.

After your registration you will receive an email from the organization if you can participate or the event is already full.

Registration fee

Explanation: indoorrowers who are not a member of a rowing association AND rowers from abroad (not the Netherlands) pay an additional €7,50 on top of the regular registration fee.

Registration fee must be paid on the account number of the organization of the championships:


A.S.R. Nereus
Please write ‘EKIR’ and the name of your association or your own name.

Last moment to pay is December 8th 2017.