Rules & regulations

  1. The European Championship, Para and Masters events are governed with the FISA rules of racing, including the appendix ‘Indoor Rowing competition regulations’. All other events are governed by the ‘Reglement voor Roeiwedstrijden’ of the KNRB.
  2. Registrations open on 29th of October 2017 and close on 1th of December 2017 at 23:59. Methods of registration can be found on the website.
  3. The draw will take place on 7th of December 2017, 19:30 at Nereus. The timetable (heats) will be published on 2th of December. Both will be published on this website as soon as possible.
  4. During the competition races will take place on Indoor Rowers Type Concept 2 Model D with PM5 Monitor (1.0 MB, 1.0 MB), delivered by the organization. The race takes place over a fictional distance of 2000 meters. Before, the race participants can choose their own drag factor however it is not allowed to change this during the race.
  5. All participants must collect their race card on the day of the event at the contest secretariat. This race card gives access to the warming-up and competition area.
  6. Coaches only have access to the warming-up area if they have a coach card. A limited number of coach cards will be provided for every association/institution. These are available on the day of the event at the contest secretariat.
  7. Persons with Dutch or other nationality who are not members of a rowing association can only sign up for the men’s or women’s open event. This is because this edition is an European Championship. For these events a maximum number of participants applies. This number is 64 for women and 64 for men. The places are forgiven on the basis of registration order. The first 64 entries per event are thus insured of a place.
  8. Participants that are not a member of the K.N.R.B (participants that are not a member of a rowing association and all foreign participants) must pay 7,50 euro on top of the regular registration fee.
  9. For lightweight participants, the following rules apply: men up to 75,0 kg, ladies up to 61,5 kg. There is no team average, including freshmen crews, each participant must individually weigh-in. The weigh-in is required and takes place two to one hour before your heat. Be sure to bring your race card to the weigh-in.
  10. All individual participants are placed based on expected goal (2k).
  11. For master events the age is valid on the day of the race. Therefore, by registration, clearly state the date of birth.
  12. Juniors must not be older than 18 and 16 years old, and Under 23 participants not older than 22 years, on 31 December of the current year.
  13. In events with less than eight entries, the organization reserves the right to expire or combine with another events, except for NK events.
  14. The organization may allow events to row at the same time.
  15. Participants must have the nationality of one of the countries associated with the European Rowing Board to qualify for the title ‘European Champion’.
  16. Participants must have Dutch nationality to qualify for the title ‘Dutch Champion’. Juniors ara an exception (see point 17).
  17. Juniors do not need to have a Dutch nationality to qualify for the title ‘Dutch Champion’, but they must be registered in a Dutch town.
  18. In an European Championship (EC) event, the winner gets the title ‘European Champion’. If the event is also a Dutch Championship, the highest ranked Dutchman in the event gets the title ‘Dutch Champion’. If a Dutchman becomes first, he or she will receive the European and Dutch title.
  19. Information about the startup procedure (pdf, 1.0 MB – video) will be published in due time. Any participant who causes a false start will receive a yellow card/warning. Two yellow cards/warnings lead to a red card/exclusion.
  20. The information about other participants shown on the bottom of the Indoor Rower monitor (pdf, 1.0 MB video) does not necessarily match the actual situation. In case of losing contact with the competition software, participants should continue rowing; The upper half of the screen remains valid.
  21. Photo and video recordings created during the event can be used for media or promotion purposes.
  22. For the Dutch Championships, only the winner will be given a medal. For the European Championships and the Euro Open events, numbers one, two and three will be awarded a medal.
  23. For registration in the Para events an (inter)national classification is required. Rowers have to send their classification documents to If you do not have an official classification, it is possible to be national classified on Friday before the event, December 8, at the K.N.R.B. federation office. Requesting a classification can be done no later than November 25, by sending all necessary documents to Please contact for more information.
  24. For the club, intermediate and freshmen events restrictions apply as per the Dutch ‘Reglement voor Roeiwedstrijden’. If you believe you are eligible for these events, please contact regatta management via

Medical recommendation

If you do not feel well on the day of the race, or if you have recently been ill, we advise you not to participate in the contest. Indoor races demand the maximum of one’s ability and the organization takes no responsibility for illness or injury as a result of this. If you have any doubts, ask for medical advice before starting.

Medal ceremony

At the end of each race, the participants must stay with their machine until the medal winners of each field have been determined. The commentators will announce when the participants can leave the race area. If an event is divided over multiple heats, then the medal ceremony will take place after the last race of that event. If you are considering a medal after taking part in one of the first heats of your events, you must place one of the designated seats behind the race area. There you can await the medal ceremony.

Settlement scheme

The EC Indoor Rowing, like many other rowing regattas, is faced with many withdrawals in the last days before the match. These withdrawals cause regular problems, such as scheduling or moving participants.

One of the measures the organization takes, is to have the draw on the thursday before the competition. The timeschedule of the heats will still be published on Saturday one week in advance, the Indoor Rower assignment will follow on Thursday. One of the advantages is that no penalty is charged for withdrawal before the draw (but the registration fee still applies).

For withdrawals after the draw, a fine will be charged, according to article 30 of the Dutch ‘Reglement voor Wedstrijdroeien’ (this also applies to events under FISA rules).

30.4 In case of a withdrawal after the draw, unless caused by acute illness as confirmed by a medical statement satisfactory to the regatta management, a fine is owed to the regatta organisation in addition to the entrance fee. The amount of the fine is equal to the entrance fee, with a minimum of € 15.
30.5 A withdrawal must be made an hour before the first start of the event. In case of a later withdrawal or ‘do not start’, unless caused by force majeure as determined by the regatta management, a fine is owed to the regatta organisation in addition to the entrance fee. The amount of the fine is double the entrance fee, with a minimum of € 35.

Registration fee
● Individual competitors pay €13,-
● A freshmen eight pays €70,-
● A freshmen four pays €44,-
Competitors who aren’t a member of a rowing association or don’t have the Dutch nationality pay – asmentioned above – €7,50 per person on top of the registration fee.

Transfer to account number to ASR Nereus mentioning entry fee ERIC, your name and association. If the money is not received before December 9, 2017, the entry fee must be paid in cash at the day of the competition at the secretary in order to obtain a race card.