The ERIC will be organized by the committee ‘NK Indoorroeien’ of the Amsterdam Student Rowing Club Nereus.

This committee consists of nine rowers who are involved in the preparations for the event throughout the whole year. During the race day and the days before, the committee is supported by more than 150 volunteers. The committee works with Concept2 Benelux, producer of the Indoor Rower. Concept2 delivers all Indoor Rowers in the race area. Time measurement is provided by Time-team.

The Royal Dutch Rowing Association (KNRB) provides the judges who ensure the smooth running of the events throughout the day according to the official rules.


President Tim Engels
Quaestor Victor Blank, Jesse Bergman
Contest management Dorien Melman, Ian Minnes, Anne Eva Petersen
Materials Coen Plantinga, Maciek Mika
 Public Relations Malou Broekhuizen, Dani Oldenmenger
Design Ingeborg de Koe
Support Frank Verschoor

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Contact details committee: 

ASR Nereus
Amsteldijk 130a
1078 RT Amsterdam

Account number (ABN Amro), t.n.v.  A.S.R. Nereus, Amsterdam