Mental prep for the race: session by sport psychologist Susannah Chernowitz

An indoor rowing competition like the European Championships is a tough challenge for any rower.

Pressure to perform well can cause a rower to be in the wrong mindset on race day. You find it hard to focus, and your body doesn’t feel the way it should. Because and erg test is so different to a race on the water, specific preparation is required. To be optimally prepared for this race, an extra mental training session will be organized by sport psychologist Susannah Chernowitz.

In agreement with the EKIR committee, this mental training session will be held on December 8th, on the evening before the race. For our international contestants there will be a session in English.

About the session

“This session will focus specifically on the mental preparation necessary for the race. In the session we will discuss pressure to perform and it’s consequences. Many rowers feel some anxiety for a 2k on an erg and unfortunately every year there are some who are not able to show their full potential. This usually has nothing to do with physical training, but has everything to do with mental preparation for the race. You will create a detailed plan for the race, incorporating mental aspects as well. We will use imagery to prep for the race, and go into the actual race hall to practice. Imagery is a sport psychology technique used often by athletes to reduce anxiety and boost performance on race day.”

Practical info

Time and place: December 8th, 18:30h, Sporthallen Zuid, Amsterdam (where the race will be held)

Price: 10,00 euro per person

(Max 30 participants per session)

Sign-up:, please note “EKIR mental prep” in the subject line.