How to prepare?


In order to optimally prepare for December 9th we asked Olympic rowing champion Nico Rienks how to prepare for the competition.
1. In mid-November, you decide your target time. This is the basis for a good preparation!
2. In the week of November 13, you row this split for 2x 500m with plenty of rest between the 500 meters. You exactly row the target split! By doing so you will practice the rhythm and power you will use during the European Championships.
3. In the week of November 20, you will ride the same speed for 2x 1000m with plenty of rest between the two 1000 meters.
4. The week of November 27, you will row 1x 1500m at your target split. No longer than 1500m! You can save the last 500m for the race on December 9th, the adrenaline and excitement will get you through. This 1500m is the best specific exercise for the championships.
Good luck!